Thursday, 21 June 2012

Eggplant in Garlic Tomato Sauce

I'll be honest and say it's been so long since I made this one, I don't remember it that clearly. I know we had it as a side dish with something else, and I do seem to remember it was pretty yummy, but I don't recall much else.

*sigh* Note to self: MUST write these up soon after cooking them!!

In any case, here's how it went:

Cut an eggplant into 1cm wide strips, place in strainer, and salt them. Let them stand for 30 mins, and then rinse. (You know, almost every eggplant recipe has instructions like these. I don't know what it's meant to do. I often leave it out because I don't have time, and have never noticed a notable problem with it. But you know, whatever. I wonder if it's like salting the water in which you cook pasta - just one of those things "everyone knows you should do", but it's not actually necessary. Anyway...)

Heat some oil in a frying pan and fry the eggplant in batches till brown and soft. Remove from heat. fry some chopped brown onion, add some undrained crushed tinned tomatoes, 1/2 cup of water, a tablespoon tomato paste, a tablespoon chopped basil and a pinch of black pepper. (The recipe wants a pinch of sugar too, but I always leave that out.) Bring to the boil, simmer uncovered for about 10 minutes, pour over eggplant and serve hot.

Like I said, my memory says this was yummy, but I don't remember details. Look at those ingredients though! It had to have been delicious and Med and nom. ;)

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ACL said...

Salting and letting your eggplant rest draws water out of it. That leads to a firmer texture in your end dish because the eggplant won't cook to ooze as easily.