Saturday, 5 November 2011

Ginger, Tofu and noodle soup

This comes out of a book titled "Country Cooking". Which country? I don't know. Possibly it means "generalised peasant food", but it's hard to be sure.

I had my doubts about this one. I have never been a fan of tofu, and my experiences with bamboo shoots (for which the recipe called) has been mixed at best.

Still, we figured we'd give it as authentic a go as we could. Off we went to one of the Asian supermarkets in town to try and procure as close to the Real ingredients as is possible to get in Dunedin. We found sesame oil, which YUM. And tofu. And fresh (or close enough - vacuum packed in a fridge as opposed to in a can) bamboo shoots.

Those were the tipping point for this recipe for me.

I'm still unimpressed by tofu. It tastes like tasteless foamy rubber to me, and I just can't get on its side. Sorry.

But those bamboos! Oh my. WHAT a difference from the canned ones we've used in the past. They were succulent and tasty and amazing. And they turned this soup into a win for me.

In fact, despite my initial scepticism, this was a win all round. Everyone, even the fussy eater of the house, enjoyed it.

This is why I'm doing this. Because there's no way I would have even made it if it weren't for this little experiment. :) Now I know.

Of course, we couldn't agree on what would improve it. I said lose the tofu, add more veggies in general. (It pretty much only had the bamboo, celery and onion. And some basil.)

Fussy Teen wanted more noodles, and less bamboo.

Occasional Student wanted more. Just in general. More of everything. He was keen on the tofu though.

And husband liked it. :)

Generally, one I'd make again, though I would probably adjust the recipe. Lose the tofu. I'm the cook - my way wins!!


Me: Tentative thumbs up

Husband who loves food: Thumbs up

Incredibly fussy teen: Thumbs up

Occasional hungry student: Thumbs up

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Sikander7 said...

Ginger; always good. We under-use it, I think.

Not a bad recipe.