Friday, 24 February 2012

Coconut Chicken Nuggets

I'll say right at the outset that I was very sceptical about this one. To say I am not a fan of commercial chicken nuggets would be grossly understating things. I think they're pretty disgusting things. (A friend of mine insists on bringing them to our fortnightly gatherings, and every time I try them, and every time I regret it. But that's a whole different post.)

So I was pretty sceptical about this recipe from the outset.

It's from a book of "finger food", which is something of which I *am* a fan. I love eating with my fingers. Tapas is like my favourite kind of food ever.

It's a pretty straightforward recipe. Cut chicken into bite size pieces. Dip into a combination of flour and chicken stock powder, and then into a milk and egg mixture, and finally into coconut. Deep fry.

As usual, I did not follow the instructions, and instead of deep frying, I shallow fried them, turning till they were golden brown all over. (This was a logistics thing - I was already using the pot we normally use for deep frying to make chips (aka, french fries).)

They're... okay. Not as vile as I expected, though I wasn't a huge fan of the coconut. Compared to commercial chicken nuggets they were ambrosia! But not a recipe I would want to pull out on a super regular basis. We ate them with sweet chilli sauce, and they kind of took on a vaguely Thai sense (what with the coconut). They were nice enough.

But not amazing.

Husband: I think he liked them. I seem to recall he liked them more than I did.
Me: Meh tending towards thumbs up, but only really because their fastfood knockoffs are so dire.

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