Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Home made curry powder

Out of a book devoted to curries, this was a straightforward mix of spices to make-your-own curry powder.

It was fun to do (ONCE!), and the powder is pretty authentic, though I would have liked it stronger. I don't remember the exact blend off-hand, but I remember the experience.

It involved roasting some of the spices, and then attacking them with a mortar and pestle till fine enough to go through a sieve. Then adding the non-roasted spices and mortar and pestle-ing them too. Then adding turmeric to colour the final result.

Really straightforward and simple, but HARD WORK. Grind grind. I have a new found respect for people who do these things from scratch themselves.

Quite honestly? I don't think the home made variety was any better than the pre-made stuff we get from the Indian supermarket in town. Sometimes going homemade is better. Not this time.

Don't bother. Just buy the bag of stuff from a decent Indian store and save your wrists. :)

Me: Meh.
Husband: Meh.


Sikander7 said...

Tough on the hard work for something that is just an addition to other recipes.

katrina said...

I have a nice little "coffee" grinder that is much less time-consuming than using a mortar and pestle for this type of thing.

Jax Goss said...

Yes, I thought about getting a coffee grinder, but it really just was an experiment. I'm not sure how often I would use it.