Monday, 12 March 2012

Pumpkin Soup with beer bread

This recipe is the first in A Kitchen Safari. This book is gorgeous, and a one-way trip to homesickville for me.

The recipe is very straightforward. Cut up a pumpkin. Simmer in chicken stock.

I will admit that I roasted it first, whole, for about an hour in a medium oven. Softens it up, makes it a lot easier to cut up. I also think it adds to the flavour. Anyway.

Add leeks and a couple of potatoes. And then, the recipe says, "For fun, add any or a combination of the following:" and lists a whole big bunch of things.

I added curry powder and cumin.

Puree, season, eat.

I'm not putting the recipe for beer bread, because we know from experience that the one in the book doesn't work, and because husband made it and it was fabulous just like his bread always is. Mostly, though, because I don't know the recipe he used off the top of my head. :)

So, um, serve with your best homemade bread! ;)


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Sikander7 said...

Yes the soup was good, and I am pleased with both our soup making and baking over the last few years. Some good food!